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Scissor holder VAN-SWING Volkswagen Crafter, MAN TGE 2017- Right

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The Van - Swing scissor holder is dedicated to:

-Volkswagen Crafter 2017 - for current versions

-MAN TGE 2017 - for current versions

Video presentation of the product is available at the link below:


: 25506R

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A well-known problem with converting vans into campervans is finding a suitable bike rack. The towbar-mounted bike rack locks the rear doors when you need to open them. Rear door racks have a number of limitations - they are not suitable for e-bikes, they require mounting the bikes at a high height, they can only carry two standard bikes, and they still cause damage to doors and hinges with long-term use.

The ideal solution to this is the Van-Swing scissor mount. By installing a simple scissor mount on your existing towbar, you can use a universal bike rack. There is no need to dismantle the bikes or rack when opening the rear doors. The swivel module allows you to tilt the bicycle rack with mounted bicycles and at the same time allows you to fully open both rear door leaves

The scissor rack is mounted to the towbar flange, bringing the bike rack to knee height. This is ideal for heavy e-bikes because you don't have to lift them high,

- Due to the use of existing assembly points, no modifications to the vehicle are necessary,

- High load capacity of 60 kg, allows you to transport two electric bikes or even 4 standard bikes

- An opening angle of up to 110 degrees allows you to fully open both rear door leaves in a few simple movements, without the need to dismantle the bicycles,

- The innovative design allows for use with any bicycle rack or hook-mounted luggage platform,

- maintaining the trailer towing function (after removing the scissor handle),

- Homologated European product, Made in Holland

Technical notes:

Installing a van-swing is only possible in a car equipped with the appropriate type of towbar (as in the last photo in the gallery)

Inter-pack bicycle platforms are not compatible with the system (if you have a platform of this brand, please contact us)

For most models, you can choose the Right or Left variant. Advantage of the left variant: convenient access to the rear door when staying at the campsite. You don't have to go around the van-swing and the platform to get to the rear door from the right side, which is the side where camping life takes place. Advantage of the right variant: safety and comfort while traveling - in the right variant, the Van-Swing opens towards the roadside, not towards the road.

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Man TGE, Volkswagen Crafter

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