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Roof Fan for Camper, PLUS FAN BLACK 400X400 MM

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Plus FAN is a roof window equipped with a remotely controlled fan dedicated to installation in campers and caravans. Plus FAN ensures quick and quiet ventilation of the camper's interior. The fan has a built-in thermostat, thanks to which we can obtain the expected temperature inside the camper. The fan is controlled by remote control. Thanks to the tight dome, Plus Fan can be used even while driving or in bad weather.

Black variant.

The window has European Approval E32.


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- window equipped with a mosquito net,

- has lighting built into the frame. controlled by radio remote control

- has a seal - if the window is closed while driving, it is completely silent,

- window equipped with a remotely controlled fan,

- radio remote control - opening and closing the dome, regulating fan operation, lighting,

- has a thermostat - you can set the expected temperature,

- 10 fan speeds,

- protects the interior of the camper against too high temperature and moisture,

- allows fresh air to enter the camper and ventilate the interior,

- can be used while driving and in bad weather,

- remote opening and closing of the dome,

- the window dome is black from the outside, but heavily tinted from the inside,

- the glazing has UV protection,

- aerodynamic shape,

- the window has European E32 Approval, which guarantees safe and legal travel in a vehicle equipped with our windows around Europe and around the world,

- the window is mounted by clamping and connecting the outer and inner frames to the window opening with screws. There is no need to drill mounting holes in the vehicle,

- proper installation of windows is carried out only using permanently elastic butyl masses, e.g. Sika 710 or Dekalin 8936,

- voltage: 12V

- dimensions: 400 x 400 mm.

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